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Operational Policy

1. Basic Policy

① LIKEIT Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) services mobile games (hereinafter the “Service” or “Services”) under the following operational policy.

② The purpose of this policy is to allow the user to use the Services without problems and to protect the user. Through this policy, the Company also aims to solve problems regarding the Service in a manner that is swift and consistent, and to establish general principles of operation, such as restriction standards for violations of user obligations.

2. Changes to Operational Policy and Notice

① The operational policy may be changed periodically due to changes in related laws and guidelines or changes in the Company's internal policies.

② If the Company changes its Operational Policy, it will be notified through the official community or in-game login screen at least 7 days before the effective date. However, if the content that has been changed is disadvantageous to the user or if there is an important change made, it will be notified 30 days in advance.

3. User Rights and Obligations

① Users have the right to receive smooth Service from the Company, and therefore users must follow the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for this purpose.

② Users may be restricted from using the Service if they violate the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Operational Policy.

③ If users have any difficulties while accessing the game, they can contact the customer service center within the game at any time to help on how to solve issues.

④ If users discover any faults (bugs, account theft, illegal programs, etc) within the Service, they must report it to the customer service center (official email).

⑤ If a user discovers a fault in the Service and uses it for their profit or spread it to other users without reporting it to the Company, their use of the Services may be restricted according to the Terms of Service and Operational Policy.

⑥ If a user suffers damage from using a program that is not officially provided by the Company, the user is responsible for the resulting consequences.

4. Policy Compliance

① Users must comply with the Company's Terms of Service and Operational Policy. If the user violates the Operational Policy, the user is responsible for the damage and any resulting consequences.

② The Company may investigate and impose restrictions if it finds violations against the Terms of Service and Operational Policy without prior report through monitoring activities.

③ The Company will never disclose any information about users who report violations of the Terms of Service and other policies to any third parties.

④ In case of restrictions, the Company will notify the details of the restriction, reasons, objections, etc. in advance through customer center inquiries and in-game mail. However, if there is an urgent need to take action, it may be notified later.

5. Definition of Restriction Terms

① Warning: The act of notifying the user about cautionary / recommended actions to prevent further violations, forced change of character name, temporary restriction on game access, etc on the part of operation staff.

② Game restriction: Restricted access to the game for a set period of time.

③ Permanent restriction: Permanently banned from accessing the game

④ Temporary restriction: The Company may restrict access to the game temporarily in order to check evidence of violations and bugs.

6. System Abuse and Bug Abuse

If users find a bug in the game or a problem with the game system, they must report it using the official procedure (in-game customer service center). If you do not report this and spread it to other users or abuse it to inflict damage on good users, you may be subject to restrictions.

7. Use of Illegal Programs

① Illegal programs refer to the use of any program that can harm users in good standing by destroying a fair and normal game environment.

② If illegal program use is discovered or a repeated abnormal use of the game is discovered through game data records, the user may be restricted from using the game according to the standards of this Operational Policy.

8. Restriction Standards

① If any of the acts described in the “Restriction Standards” below are found, the user who is in violation of the act may be liable legally, and in addition, the Company may impose strict restrictions according to the principle and penalties for the violation in question.

② If a user acquires an item through violating the Terms of Service or Operational Policy, the Company may retrieve the item in question and adjust the game records for that user, even if the user does not directly violate the Terms of Service or Operational Policy.

③ For violations related to account theft and transactions, restrictions may be imposed on the user and the account in violation even if a third party has violated the Terms of Service or Operational Policy using the user's account.

④ Regarding the abuse of purchase procedures, if it is deemed to be deliberate abuse, permanent access restrictions may be imposed, and if it is not deemed to be abuse, temporary access restrictions may be imposed and lifted thereafter.

⑤ The Company may conduct investigations related to the actions of users that fall under the table of restriction standards outlined below, and may take temporary restrictive measures as necessary in the course of the investigation.

⑥ Restriction standards:

9. Naming Policy

① The naming policy applies equally to all names selected by the user, such as all character names, guild names, and home names used in the game.

② Users can freely use the character name, guild name, home name, etc. However, if the following names are found, they may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

If the violation is serious or repeated, refer to Restriction Standards.

  • Names that offend others

  • Names containing profanity, profanity, advertisements, and sexually suggestive content

  • Racial and sexist (obscene) names

  • Names that are anti-social, demeaning certain religions or groups, or in violation of related laws

  • Names judged to be related to, or intended to impersonate, the Company, the game, or the original work

  • Names that can trigger cash transactions of items/accounts

  • Names that may be misleading as operators or company employees, such as GM name, operational staff, helper, NPC name, etc.

  • Names that may infringe on the copyright, trademark rights, name rights, publicity rights and other rights of a third party

  • The name of the content that violates the Operational Policy, related laws and other social norms

10. Recovery Policy

① In the event that game information such as characters, items, and game money is lost or changed due to reasons attributable to the Company or technical errors on the part of the Service, the Company will proceed with the recovery of game information to the extent that objective data and information through the data are confirmed.

② Recovery at the request of the user can be investigated and processed only if it is received through the in-game customer center or official e-mail within 7 days from the date of the problem.

③ Recovery support is not available in the following cases.

  • If it has been more than 7 days since the date the problem occurred

  • In the case where the request was made through a different account rather than the person's account where the problem occurred

  • In case of user’s own negligence or failure to familiarize themselves with the contents specified in the Operation Policy, the contents of the game, the website, the community, etc.

  • If it does not exist in the game or objective data verification is not possible

  • Damage caused by normal game service use

  • Any damage caused by the use of game services in a manner not recognized by the Company, such as cash transactions, account transactions, account sharing, and use of unauthorized programs

  • In case of damage such as theft due to insufficient account information and device management

  • Damage caused by problems between users without company intervention, such as in-game fraud

  • In case of loss or change of game information due to device change or device initialization

11. Open Market Refund Policy

① If you use the in-game goods for free after canceling the payment directly through the open market, you will be subject to restrictions according to the restriction standards.

② Temporary use restrictions still apply if you collect goods/items even if you do not use them after canceling payment directly through the open market.

③ Depending on the level of damage caused by repeated or malicious acts, additional legal actions may be taken concurrently after the restriction to game use.

③ If you have any questions due to restricti

※ Inquiry Method

<Required Info>

  • Game Name:

  • Platform ID:

  • Nickname:

  • Payment Account used: (

  • Reason for inquiring:

※ How to request a valid payment cancellation

If you need to cancel the payment of a in-game item or package, please contact the customer service center in the game and fill in your payment information and you will be informed whether the payment can be canceled or not.

<Required Info>

  • Game Name:

  • Platform ID:

  • Nickname:

  • Payment Account used: (

  • Payment Date and Amount:

  • Reasons for canceling:

If payment cancellation is processed normally, all items you received after payment will be recovered, and the open market payment cancellation will have been processed normally.

12. Purchase Cancellation Policy

① In relation to cancellation of purchases, the company follows the content outlined in Article 21 “Cancellation of Purchase” specified in the Terms of Service.

13. Inactive Account Policy

① Applies to accounts or characters of users who have not logged in for more than 1 year

② The Company may delete the character of the inactive account in order to prevent the user's account and character from being used for unfair purposes and to provide smoother services.

③ The Company will notify the details in the community 30 days prior to the deletion of the character in the inactive accounts. If you do not want to delete your character, please log in to the game before then.

④ If a character is deleted because it is classified as an inactive account, the information of the character cannot be recovered


This Operational Policy will go into effect on October 31, 2022.

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